• Address: Plot 8323,Selokwaneng,Tlokweng Industrial
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2010


Lamworld Technologies is an Engineering and Technology based Botswana citizen owned company, that is committed to support various sectors of the industry within the SADC regions, to comply to international standards and be able to compete in the global market. Lamworld offers technical support including calibration, inspection, repairs, and maintenance of various equipment and engineering systems.

History in Words

Lamworld Technologies was established in February 2014 under the Companies Law of Botswana bearing Registration No: 2004/160. The expectation of safe workplaces, safe products, safe transport, safe food, in fact all aspects of our lives is universally shared. Statistics however show that the expectation is not being matched by the reality. Closing this gap is a vital consideration for government, regulators and businesses, aiming to keep people safer in their work, their domestic life, their journeys and all other parts of their lives. Standards, conformity assessment (Calibration, Testing and Inspection) bodies (CAB) are well established and accepted institutions that are used to help deliver a safer world.

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